Gladys Washington Fernandez

As Interviewed by Franky Fernandez, March 14, 2014
"I don’t know if I want to see the Cuba that is destroyed right now compared to the Cuba that I knew. "
Gladys Washington Fernandez

Introductory Profile: About Gladys Washington Fernandez

Gladys Washington Fernandez is a very talkative and spirited grandmother. She is kind and loves to spoil her grandchildren. At age 69 she is about 5’9”, but she was around 5’11” when she was younger. She has short, curled hair, and she always wears some jewelry.

Gladys came to the United States from Cuba during the exile. She was very eager to talk to me. We communicated through Face Time. She sat in her living room clad in pajamas, getting ready to go to bed.