Tony Tran

As Interviewed by Brandon Lee, March 20, 2011
"They call us refugees. Vietnam refugees or the Boat People. The Boat People of Vietnamese refugees."
Tony Tran

Introductory Profile: About Tony Tran

The name of my interviewee is Tony Tran. Tran has endured Communist persecution, escaping by boat. He has attempted to escape thrice, failing on the first two voyages. He lost money on the first and was imprisoned on the second, in addition to loosing money. Months of planning led to two failures. The third attempt would be his last chance. During his third attempt, he barely survived with his life. A thunderstorm the first night fought to sink the small fishing boat. Tran lived six days with only the rainwater that he and the other escapees could catch. Through these hardships Tran fought, eventually arriving at his destination, Hong Kong. He traveled approximately 1860 miles total for freedom from the Communist regime.

Tony Tran is short in stature, and a skinny, wiry man. He wears glasses that he wears on the tip of his nose. His round eyes look over the top of the glasses like the rising sun, and his Adam’s apple rises and falls like the waves of the ocean when he talks.

Tony Tran has a flat voice, that does not betray much emotion. When he stated the facts, he said them in a way that indicated that he was not lingering on his past experiences. He was not affected by any emotions; neither anger nor sadness influenced his actions.

The overall tone of the interview was calm. Tran did not react on the extreme; he controlled his emotions, making sure that they did not affect his actions. As the interview progressed, memories of his unique past made the interview interesting. Therefore, the overall tone of the interview was calm, yet interesting.

Tony Tran traveled 1860 miles through dangers for his freedom from the Vietnamese Communists. His endurance persevered through three escape attempts, and his courage was tested throughout the entire experience. Through thunderstorm and prison he has fought, until he finally succeeded and immigrated to the United States.