Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez

As Interviewed by Megan Blackburn, March 19, 2011
"You can't tell the story of America during World War II if you don't tell the story of Hispanics."
Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez

Introductory Profile: About Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez

Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez works as a professor at UT. She directs an Oral History Project with hundreds of interviews of Latinos and Latinas from the World War II, Vietnam War and Korean War generations. Discrimination of Hispanics in general became a very large topic. Also the fact of how unaware people are of the Hispanic representation in World War II, Vietnam War and the Korean War.

She is a beautiful petite Hispanic woman with a strong personality. As well as being friendly and communicative, she takes large pride in her work and she does it with confidence. While being fun and outgoing, Maggie keeps herself balanced with her amazingly hard work.

Born in San Antonio, Texas, she teaches journalism at UT and directs an Oral History Project that interviews Latinos and Latinas from the World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War generations. Previously, Maggie has worked as a reporter at the Boston Globe and received her Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina.

Since Maggie has such a great way of communicating the interview was easy going and very comfortable. The interview was able to carry out as just a regular conversation with a neighbor. Maggie was very polite and helped to answer the questions in an extended way that was very cooperative.

Overall the interview went great and obtained a lot of information. She gave a lot of insight about her work and the stories of all the people she has seen in interviews. Even with all that, there is so much more to learn from and about her.