Hata Pilav

As Interviewed by Muamer Amir Pilav, March 11, 2011
"War is a stupid old man's game that is used to stay in power. "
Hata Pilav

Introductory Profile: About Hata Pilav

My mother (also known as Hata Pilav) has lived through one of the most brutal wars that has ever occurred in Europe. I am talking about the Bosnian War in the 1990s. In this interview I will be trying to see the Bosnian War from someone who was there. I will be asking questions that will allow her to show her views and allow her to be descriptive.This will help me and you get to understand the time and setting. The interview will be straight forward from my side.

Hata Pilav is forty-one years-old. She is not very tall and her skin is scarred with cuts that didn’t heal and veins that are visible from the running she did to stay safe from persecution. My mother started smoking because during the war there was a lot of stress and many people would smoke to deal with all that stress.

Hata Pilav is a very independent women who feel like she can handle all most anything that is thrown at her, but that doesn’t mean she can't crack under pressure. She was raised to act like this. On the farm where she lived you had to be a very strong person just to survive. You needed to be able to find your own food at some points in time. Her school days were worse. She would walk through miles of snow and would need to watch out for wild animals and other types of danger. Hata Pilav is also very smart and clever because during her school days she felt that she had no excuse for not completing homework. Even though she would arrive home so late with barely any time to work before the candles are blown out ,and everyone would go to sleep. She has a very strange need to keep moving as if she is a shark, whether she is cleaning the house or working as a nurse.

The mood of the interview is straight forward but to my mom it is going to be very dramatic because of her memories and view on the war. At one point she begins to tear up after telling me that so many people died for just a stupid cause. She becomes very emotional and shares her real views on everything. This interview will be straight forward and will show the emotion of my mother and her views on the war.