Gad Ilan

As Interviewed by Hannah Ilan, March 13, 2011
"When Israel was born, there was a big war between Israel and all the Arab countries. At that time there was a lot of Arabs that lived in Israel, with the Israelis. They supported the Arab countries..."
Gad Ilan

Introductory Profile: About Gad Ilan

My interviewee is my father, Gad Ilan. The interview was on the topics of social injustices in Israel and Africa. These injustices that were observed by Gad Ilan were in Ramat Gan, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), and Nigeria. He believes that the government and people should come up with some sort of solution so the world can have less hate and wrong. This interview explores the topics of social injustices which were observed by my interviewee.

Gad Ilan is a male Israeli that now lives in America with his family, Dawn, who is my mother, my sister Audrey, and me. He has brown hair and brown eyes. Physically, because of his heritage, Gad Ilan has a lighter skin tone than most Israelis. He has strong beliefs such as standing up for what he believes in, even if people aren’t standing behind him to back him up. He may come off as intimidating and opinionated, but that is part of his culture.

Gad Ilan grew up in Ramitgan, Israel with his mother Nehama Ilan, his father Yehauad Ilan, and Nilly Ilan his sister. My father grew up in simpler times in a middle class family. Gad Ilan lived his early years in Israel. He joined the Israeli army (IDF) at age 18 and then finished his service from the special services at age 22. He moved to the Bahamas where he got a job as a hotel manager. In the Bahamas he met a woman named Dawn who became his wife. Now he has two kids Audrey and me, who live in Austin, Texas.

The over all mood of the interview was relaxed and interesting. The beginning was a bit awkward because Gad was not use to being interviewed. Soon after though Gad became more comfortable and he began to speak more clearly and specifically. Towards the end it was just like we were having a conversation like we do everyday. It was easy to talk to Gad seeing that he is my father so it wasn’t very hard to interview him.

Gad Ilan and I covered the issues (social injustices) in parts of Israel and Africa. The interview went quite well and was an interesting experience. It was fun and interesting to conduct an interview. I enjoyed seeing how people feel when they do an actual interview. It was also interesting to learn more about my father’s history and the social injustices that occurred in places I have been or lived in. Over all I enjoyed the experience of this interview.