Libby Cravens

As Interviewed By Ashton Wong, March 25, 2016
"We need to be telling girls, 'Yes you can'."
Libby Cravens

Introductory Profile: About Libby Cravens

For this project I interviewed Libby Cravens, who Mrs. Kepner recommended me to interview. Libby was born in South Houston, has lived in Austin for ten years, and is a Speech Language Pathologist. She is a white woman in her late 20's, and grew up in a middle to upper class family. Based on our interview, I can say that Libby is a very cheerful person and has a very great personality. She doesn’t seem like one to be impolite.

The basic topics that were covered in the interview were about women in sports and gender inequity. The overall tone was a mix of seriousness yet upbeat and not blue. The interview overall was great. Libby was a very nice person and her answers to my questions were very well thought out and complete. Sexism against women is definitely a problem that should be addressed and recognized by men who are discriminating against women every day.