Lisa Spitzer

As Interviewed by Noah S., April 7, 2016
"It is something that will be way in the past. It was important then and it is important today, but we will all be seen as just equal and just living our lives and trying to do the right thing and be the best person we can."
Lisa Spitzer

Introductory Profile: About Lisa Spitzer

My interviewee, Lisa Spitzer, is the aunt of my best friend and is openly gay. Three years ago, I attended her wedding, which at the time was illegal in the State of Texas. My parents had to explain to me that her marriage was illegal because she was marrying her partner of the same-sex. I found same-sex marriage and gay/lesbian rights to be a large social issue in present day society, and thus I decided to interview Lisa about her opinions on these issues.

Lisa has always treated me nicely, as if I am one of her nephews so she was willing to let me interview her. Lisa is kind and calm in manner but talks boldly and strongly giving the interview a somewhat neutral tone at some parts while other parts have a direct and stern tone to them. I asked Lisa her opinions on different laws applying to gay and lesbian rights and how she reacted to legal cases of the judicial system. These questions gave the interview a neutral tone while questions about being discriminated against evoked and elicited unwaveringly emotional stories.

From this interview, I learned more about the struggles faced by gays and lesbians and I received a first-hand account of how the changing same-sex marriage laws have deeply affected someone that I know.