Kay Iversen

As interviewed by Georgia McLeod, March 20, 2016
"Boys who graduated in the same class [as me] were being snapped up by large urban newspapers easily, and some of the same places I applied to I later found boys I knew in the same class were getting, even people who were possibly less qualified."
Kay Iversen

Introductory Profile: About Kay Iversen

My interviewee is Kay Iversen, who is my grandmother. Kay was born in 1940 in Tarboro, a small town in eastern North Carolina. She grew up there with two younger siblings, a brother and a sister. Kay is a friendly, outgoing person. She loves learning and trying new things. Kay went to the University of North Carolina where she majored in English. She was always interested in writing, so she wanted a job in journalism. It was very hard for women to get a job in journalism in the 60s. She eventually moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. She was a single mom at the time, and because she felt strongly about women’s rights, she did her best to participate actively in them.

This interview covers the topic of women’s rights, specifically regarding women’s occupations. Kay talks about her experiences applying for jobs after college in the 60s and how things were different for men. She then tells about the events she participated in to fight for women’s rights. The tone of the interview is not dark or sad, just a recall of some events in Kay’s life.