Judy Cortez

As interviewed by Christian Delgado-Savage, 3-17-16
"We want to approach the gender discrimination in a way that it's happening, please recognize it, and let's do something about it together."
Judy Cortez

Introductory Profile: About Judy Cortez

My interviewee’s name is Judy Cortez. She has lived in Austin for 20 years, but originates in El Paso, Texas. She has two older sisters, but grew up with four younger brothers and a single dad. She got married and had 3 sons. I came to meet Judy actually through my aunt. My aunt works for travis county, and Judy is her co-worker. My aunt recommended her when I asked for someone she knew to interview. Judy is very social, and very kind. She is pretty intelligent, and seems very friendly. She had short, light brown almost blonde hair that is kind of curly. She had dark brown eyes and was short.

During the interview, Judy and I talk a lot about her experiences with gender inequality, and how it has changed for her since she was a kid up until now. We also talked about how she has noticed gender inequality, whether it be in movies, newspapers, and/or personal experiences, or from peers and/or family members. The last main point we talked about was her past/present professions, and why she chose them, and the experiences she has dealt with. The overall tone of the interview felt very relaxed and chill. I would ask Judy the questions, and she never had trouble answering. Things, for the most part, felt very smooth.

I think Judy was a great interviewee, and an even better person to talk to. She made the interview very easy for both of us with her ability to answer questions with simplicity, but also provide great stories to understand her experiences.