Aleida Phillips

As Interviewed by Dawson Phillips, March 13, 2016
"There was a very, very noticeable degree of gender discrimination. My choices were feminine degrees, i.e. education and nursing. I was very intelligent, I thought, and I thought about engineering, but the engineering school did not accept women. So I had to make choices. I did not want to be a teacher, I did not want to be a nurse, so I chose going to a business school in another state."
Aleida Phillips

Introductory Profile: About Aleida Phillips

I interviewed Aleida Phillips, who is my grandmother. She was born on November 7, 1937, in a small town on the upper peninsula of Michigan. She got her degree in accounting from the University of Houston, and eventually became the chief accountant of an aerospace company. She is very kind and intelligent, and very easy to talk to. She is tall, and has curly hair and glasses.

I interviewed Aleida Phillips about women's rights in education, and about her own personal experiences. We discussed how, where she grew up, there were very few options for a woman wanting to further their education. We also talked about the changes for women since she was in school, and the future of women’s rights.

I interviewed her over the phone, because she lives in Houston. She was very comfortable talking to me, and answered the questions very well. The interview was generally very hopeful, because although we did discuss some of the injustices women have faced, we also went over all of the progress that we have made as a community, and what more we need to do. Overall, I really enjoyed the interview, and learned a lot.