Nora Skiba

As Interviewed by: Ben Robison, March 20, 2016
"My would be don't just take it, fight back, and you'll be a stronger person. Its just ot right, its not appropriate."
Nora Skiba

Introductory Profile: About Nora Skiba

Nora Slatkin-Skiba was born in Massapequa NY, and went to Lehigh undergraduate university. After Lehigh, she got her masters degree at Georgetown university.She is my grandmother, so I was able to get in touch with her over the phone. She had jobs such as Executive Director of the C.I.A, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, has been member of the House of Representatives for the Armed Services Committee, and a defense analyst at a Congressional Budget Office.

We talk about current issues in women's rights like equal pay, harassment, and equality in general. Nora also gives her opinion about diversity in jobs, the scarcity of women in her line of work (when she was working) and gives her own advice for women who have to deal with discrimination while working..

Nora is a very kind, loving person, as well as a determined and brilliant woman. She has worked hard to get to where she is today,and the more you learn about her the more you want to know. The interview was very calm, and felt very natural, one subject lead into another. It was an absolute pleasure to interview her.