Sloan McLain

As Interviewed by Beckett Schmeil, March 7, 2016
"I do think we're moving forward, and I do think Thailand is very male dominated and people don't believe that women have the same privileges but women are really freaking smart, and in groups especially women are powerful I think . And I do think that over time that equality will be there. I think it takes time. I think with a lot of things that are really important, they take time."
Sloan McLain

Introductory Profile: About Sloan McLain

Sloan McLain is the education director for the AISD Creative Learning Initiative. Sloan McLain is my mom's sister, so I was interested in interviewing someone I know well about a very important topic. Ms. McLain is a very understanding and creative person. She is also very nice and humorous. Sloan Mclain was born in Dallas, and has lived in Texas for much of her life, but lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand for a few years. In Chiang Mai, Ms. McLain taught at a Muslim, Buddhist, and Islamic school called Wichai Wittaya. She is a mother of one son, one step-son, and one step-daughter. She loves to help others learn and prosper creatively. Mrs. McLain is an average height, is very fit, and has long red hair.

I interviewed Mrs. McLain about Women's rights, because she taught at a Muslim, Buddhist, and Islamic school where she encountered many problems relating to women's rights. Women's rights is a very large problem all across the globe. Women are being discriminated against and mistreated in many places because of their gender. Many people around the world are fighting for women to achieve equality for Women . In Chiang Mai, where Sloan McLain taught, women kind of ignored the fact that they were being mistreated and in some cases, abused. They thought it was just the way life worked . My Aunt, Sloan McLain was a westerner, meaning that she didn't encounter as many problems relating to the mistreatment of women, but she was surrounded by these actions Discrimination against women has been existent for a long time but is finally slowing down. Both Men and Women are fighting for equal treatment and rights.