Heather Ann Brauer

As Interviewed by Christelle Chatelain, March 22, 2016
"This is what GUM’s about, this is what we're going to go do. And then we said, 'We're going to build a national volunteer structure that's just for girls and we're going to create a curriculum that has leadership and ultimate, that focuses on girls and we are going to create pilot programs, and we are going to try something new and exciting every year, and we want to see how it is doing, and if it does great, we’ll keep doing it, and we're going to use those things to help increase participation.' "
Heather Ann Brauer

Introductory Profile: About Heather Ann Brauer

Heather Ann Brauer is a friend of Mrs. Kepner, my English teacher, who knew that Heather’s ideas and stories were worth sharing. She has wavy, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and is always outside doing something when she can.

Heather grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut, along the Atlantic coast. She always loved science, and did a lot of it when she was growing up. She ran cross country and track, and didn’t actually play ultimate frisbee until mid high school, when she got introduced to it. She is currently a scientist at a cancer therapeutic company, and does research on cancer drugs.

During the interview, we covered her opinion on different situations on women's rights, as well as how her organization, the Girls Ultimate Movement, came to be and how it helped increase girls' participation in the sport. She told me many different stories on women's rights, including how she, as a female scientist, tended to receive a lot less attention than the men in her field. The overall tone of the interview was calm and very intriguing for me. This interview really helped me understand more about gender equity and what we, as women or men, should do about it.