Nancy Fares

As Interviewed by Shreya Ramanathan, March 16, 2016
"I feel that girls think that they’re offending others by being smart and that they need to dumb themselves, and we need to stop ourselves and others from doing that. "
Nancy Fares

Introductory Profile: About Nancy Fares

Nancy Fares grew up in Cairo, Egypt during her youth, before coming to the US for college. I first met her through my mom, who is her friend and colleague. I remember her light brown eyes, her slight Arabic accent, and her always smiling face, no matter how depressing, or emotional the topic. Nancy Fares is a tall women, with constant elegant clothing, and a caring heart, who looks at everything in a very optimistic, positive way. When I first met Nancy Fare in her office- she got up, shook my hands, and started a conversation as if we were already friends. Before the interview started, she offered me a variety of chocolates and made the interview feel very natural.

During the interview, we talked about many topics involving women’s rights. We talked about her realizations about the woman’s job in the workforce, and how she always felt she wasn’t taken as seriously because she was a woman. Mrs. Fares felt that girls, always feel they have to limit their smartness, and have to go with fields that are made for girls, and being a young girl, she never felt compelled to stop herself because of who she was, Throughout the interview, Mrs. Fares, gave me advice, that I felt, went farther than Women’s rights, but was for life in general. I also felt that she went beyond the question, and never ceased to give me a story, that was interesting, and thoughtful. Overall, the interview had much depth, and meaning, but still maintained a fun, and light atmosphere, just like Mrs. Fares' personality.