Dr. Caren McCready

As interviewed by Andra K., March 19, 2016
"All the girls in my class wanted to be nurses, and I came home and my mother said 'There's no reason you can't be a doctor, you can do anything a guy can do.'"
Dr. Caren McCready

Introductory Profile: About Dr. Caren McCready

Caren McCready is my aunt’s sister and has been a family friend for a long time. She was born in 1956 in Iowa, U.S. Caren grew up in a kind home with her father working as an engineer and her mother working as a psychiatric social worker. She is a medium height, middle aged women with brown hair. She dresses casually, normally with jeans and a shirt when she is not skiing down Colorado slopes. Caren is a kind and loving person who loves helping others.

The topic she was interviewed for was the problem of women’s rights, and mostly their role in the medical profession. In this interview she reflects on the injustice of gender inequality and its place in her life. The tone throughout the interview was fairly serious considering the topic she was talking about. She always had wanted to become a nurse and help others, but her parents told her she could be more and supported her through medical school and encouraged her to get an M.D. At the time, becoming a doctor was extremely rare for women, and it was this pressure that pushed her to become and OB/GYN. On her way to her M.D. and even after, she was an activist for women's’ rights and was haunted by the ghost of gender inequality. In this interview she reflects on the gender injustice in the medical field and throughout her life.