Mariel Stotts

As Interviewed by: Alex Yang, February 28, 2016
"Normally, in the United States, I don't ever feel like people don't think that I can't do certain things because I'm a woman, or that I can't go certain places, or that I may not have an opinion that's as valid as a man's opinion. I've never never really felt that before here in Austin, but in Nicaragua, I did feel that way."
Mariel Stotts

Introductory Profile: About Mariel Stotts

Mariel Stotts was an art teacher at Kealing Middle School but quit her job to become a Peace Corps volunteer. She has served in Nicaragua for two years. During her time there she helped the locals by building efficient ovens, making arts and crafts projects, helping teachers, and growing Community Gardens. She kept a blog during her time there and documented her Nicaraguan experience. I came to meet her by Ms. Kepner. After sending e-mails back and forth for a couple of days, Ms. Stotts and I met at Central Market personally on February 28th. During the interview we talked about many different topics, including gender stereotypes, what she called Street Harassment, and child education problems in Nicaragua.

Ms. Stotts has the air of someone who has lots of knowledge and is not afraid to share that knowledge. She was happy to do the interview, and I was very thankful of her agreeable manner. She is a white female - important in Nicaragua due to certain stereotypes. She has brown hair and a pleasant smile. Memories of negative experiences in Nicaragua were not her favorite, but she was very passionate about helping people in Nicaragua and was happy to share that experience.

The interview with Ms. Stotts was pleasant, fun, and ran smoothly. She was happy to answer all my questions and didn't hesitate to share her thoughts. Ms. Stotts answered in much detail and made it easy to keep track of her story in Nicaragua. I thought this interview was very interesting because it was interesting to see what happens in another country and how it is different from ours. I was very grateful of Ms. Stotts, and she has had a unique and interesting experience in Nicaragua, and she is happy to share that experience with everyone.