Geneva Schmitt

As Interviewed by James M, March 20, 2016
"I really feel inspired when I see a woman in the media with a powerful career that's standing up for women's rights, that kind of makes me feel like I have more opportunities."
Geneva Schmitt

Introductory Profile: About Geneva Schmitt

I interviewed Geneva Schmitt about women’s rights and sexism. I met by asking my teacher to help me find somebody to interview. She paired me up with Geneva.
Geneva was born on October 31st, 1984 in Northampton, Massachusetts. Growing up she played basketball. She has been fighting for women’s rights for a while and is very passionate. She love standing up for what she believes in and spreading information on the issue.

During the interview Geneva was very calm and relaxed. She talked about life as a child growing up with sexism and what it was like to be a teenager at the time. She has clearly had a lot of experience with the issue of sexism. Her hero growing up was her mother. She has attended a rally in Washington DC for women’s rights. Her husband is very supportive of the cause and also believes strongly in gender equality.