Emily Little

As Interviewed by Sofia B., March 16, 2016
"I have a friend who is one year older than I am who tried to go to undergraduate school so she would have been trying like six years earlier than I did and they told her 'No, no, you won't go to architecture school, you would go to interior design school.' They wouldn't let her apply."
Emily Little

Introductory Profile: About Emily Little

My interviewee is named Emily Little. She is an architect and she is very involved with the community. She is my cousin. She was born in Austin on June fourth, 1951 She has a master�s degree in architecture and an undergraduate degree in cultural anthropology. She has a father from Houston, a mother from east Texas and a brother who currently lives in Austin. She has a naturalist approach to religion.

Emily has short blonde hair and wears glasses. She is tall and in her sixties. She loves Austin and helping the community, and she is a great architect. She has a slight Texas accent and she is very engaging and warm.
Emily was very open about her past. We talked about segregation and desegregation, as well as racial tension in Austin and women in architecture. The tone of the interview was light, and I gained a lot of great information.

Emily Little is an amazing architect and a great person to talk to. She has many stories about social injustice, and just stories in general. I�m really glad that I was able to interview her.