Prabha Murthy

As Interviewed by Sachin Allums, March 7, 2016
"...You want to be able to stand on your own two feet, look at what achievements you have, and be appreciated for who you are as a person."
Prabha Murthy

Introductory Profile: About Prabha Murthy

My grandmother, Prabha Murthy, was born in India, but she spent the better part of her childhood in the United States. Growing up in a place where you are the only Indian couldn�t have been easy, but Murthy told me that she didn�t feel like there was a lot of racial inequality. She recalls that the gender inequality definitely seemed to be more severe.

Prabha Murthy is an elderly, Indian woman with long black hair, brown eyes, and a kind smile. This interview was very laid back and at ease as the chosen setting was a comfortable home.

Whereas most women her age have stopped working, 72-year-old Prabha Murthy teaches English Literature to students attending ACC college. By becoming a working woman, Murthy has separated herself from the the crowd of housewives and has transformed into an independent women, inspiring others to try what they enjoy and believe in.

Prabha Murthy has faced the hardships of gender inequality and describes the emotions that went through her head after she took a difficult exam. Her score on this exam could�ve opened up countless opportunities and options for career choices, but her gender denied a world of possibilities open to men. After coming out of this experience, Murthy wishes that the options and choices denied to her won�t be denied to any other woman in the future.

With the passing of her husband, Prabha Murthy wasn�t subject to a world of mourning and grieving, but seemed to become a stronger, more independent figure. Her independent nature is evident in the way she walks and speaks, not afraid to voice her opinion to others. My grandmother has become what some women before her time would�ve thought impossible: a working woman with all the liberty and freedom in the world to push her forward in life.