Tessa Nichols

As Interviewed by Karma D., March 7, 2016
"I wanted everybody to care just as much about my team's games and what we were doing as the guys’ teams, the guys’ sports definitely got more attention than the girls. "
Tessa Nichols

Introductory Profile: About Tessa Nichols

For my First Hand History project, I interviewed Tessa Nichols. I came to know her through my English teacher. She is an Assistant Athletic Director for Compliances in Athlete's Services. Ms. Nichols is one of the few assistant directors at her school; her job is to make sure that all of the athlete’s at her school are in order and are notified of rules and guidelines.

Tessa Nichols grew up playing sports in Northern California and went to UT for college. In college she started to play Ultimate and earned a Master's Degree in sports management and she studied college athletics administration in grad school. She is now married in California and she and her husband have one two-year-old son.

The main topic I covered when interviewing Ms. Nichols was women’s rights in sports and feminism. She talked about young girls’ teams not getting much attention when she was younger, and how the boys teams would always get first picks and thought. She also talked about how she thinks women will be treated in the future.

The overall tone of the interview was calm and relaxed. When speaking to Ms. Nichols, I did not feel as if I had to be very professional and serious. A concluding remark I received was that she is glad that young people like myself are taking interest in serious topics such as feminism and that she is glad that the world is going into good hands with the new generation.