Ying Xu

As Interviewed by Amy Huang, February 28, 2016
"Emotionally it's keep myself busy; well, I don't need to keep myself busy. I'm always busy. I always have things to do, at work and at home."
Ying Xu

Introductory Profile: About Ying Xu

Xu Ying is an electrical engineer for Cirrus Logic. They design and manufacture circuit chips for computers and phones. She is a single working woman who has two children. In this interview I was asking her about any discrimination she experienced in and out of the workplace and the struggles she had financially and emotionally.

She was rather quiet and reserved and gave rather short and concise answers to all my answers. It seems like she was in a workplace where there was pretty much equal opportunity for everyone and her relations were good on both sides of the family. However, she seems like she was working on her relationship with her ex-husband, although she is working it out with him. She had dark brown hair, styled into a bob. She wore a black shirt with white stripes, dark jeans, and boots. I came to know her because she is my mom!