As Interviewed by S.K., March 20,2016
"They would make discouraging remarks about my age. That I was too old to know this or know that. I think that’s not right because I didn’t tell them they were too young to not know something either, which would have applied. I think basically it says something about them and not about who they’re making the discouraging remarks to. I just wish it wasn’t here. I think there should be more understanding on both parts."

Introductory Profile: About Andrea

The name of my interviewee is Andrea. She’s my neighbor. She was born in 1941, and her family has consisted of a lot of women. She was an assistant for someone, and younger people would discourage by telling her she was too old to do this or that. She went through two years of college and majored in English. She leaned towards the subjects that could really get you a job. She really believes everyone should be treated fairly whether you’re male, female, gay, young, or old.

During the interview the topics that were covered were about feminism, ageism, sexism, and gender equality. We talked about how people treated her at work and how her pay was. We discussed how it was with her growing up and her education, what kind of subjects she leaned towards, and what she majored in. There was a little talk about her family. We also talked about if she thought sexism has decreased and if she’s ever stopped a social injustice that’s happened. We talked about the difference between men and women growing up and who inspires her the most.