Christina Kim

As Interviewed by Grace Kim, March 20, 2015
"Everybody thought that it was unfair to have little classes only because somebody is a female, but it was hard to take actions against unfair class assignment. The only thing we can do was to do our best in teaching and gain good reviews or reputations from the students."
Christina Kim

Introductory Profile: About Christina Kim

My mom, Christina Kim, is a part time translator and mother to three children. Christina is married to David Kim, and moved to the United States from South Korea in 1999, where she was formerly an English grammar/ literature professor. She is around 5’ 2” with short black hair cut right below her chin. Ironically, she feels reserved when speaking English though she used to teach the language, but our family is helping her feel more comfortable.

During the interview, Christina gave me an insight on her experience with gender discrimination in her workplace as a teacher. Throughout the interview, she never raised her voice. She kept a serene tone no matter what she was discussing with me. It may seem strange, but even though I have lived with Christina my entire life, everything she told me during the interview was new to me. Hopefully this interview will help try to put a complete stop to unfair gender judgments, not only happening in the workplace, but everywhere.