Velia Urrutia

As Interviewed by J.R.U., March 16, 2016
"When I went out to recess, my friend and I we were talking Spanish. And one of the teachers said “Hey y’all quit talkin that s---. If you want to talk that you go back to Mexico!” You know, my father was American-Indian, Mm mother was from Spain. I was born and raised third generation. And I remember one time another teacher says, “I wish I could chew you up and spit you out.” But this is not unusual because we all suffered that type of racism."
Velia Urrutia

Introductory Profile: About Velia Urrutia

For my project, I interviewed my grandmother Velia Urrutia. Velia grew up in San Marcos during segregation. She came from a family of eight. She has two kids -- a lawyer and a judge -- and she also has six grandchildren. Velia is a great grandmother and a great person to be around. She is rather short and has short blond hair.

During my interview we covered the treatment of Hispanics in school, the corruption and racism in the executive branch, and the current and ideal situation of the Hispanic community. This interview conveys Velia's journey of overcoming racism and mistreatment in her school and her workplace.

Velia, though she was not an participant in the Civil Rights Movement, had to endure racism and mistreatment throughout her life. She wants the new generation to support each other and work hard to provide for themselves.