Nelly Blakely

As Interviewed by Kelly Blakely, March 20, 2016
"My parents were a big influence on my opinion of gender equality... they pushed me to finish college despite my gender. They knew I could do it and supported me the best they could... [Now] more women are becoming successful in jobs only men had... [Gender equality] would be a great thing to continue working towards."
Nelly Blakely

Introductory Profile: About Nelly Blakely

Nelly Blakely is a preschool teacher at a small elementary school. She was my preschool teacher when I was four years old. She is a caring lady who always puts others before herself with wild curly hair that can only be tamed by her brush and a unique style. She is very patient, which allows her to do her job well. She is outstanding at being around small children and making them feel good about their learning.

In the interview, Mrs. Blakely, mostly spoke about how gender equality was in Mexico while she was growing up versus how gender equality is now. The atmosphere during the interview was bittersweet. This was probably due to how women were put down during Nelly's childhood mixed with some good childhood memories. Her interview is one that shows how far humans have come and how close we are to making everyone completely equal.