Michael E. Harris

As Interviewed by Alex F., March 19, 2016
"Women were starting to show up in the military at that time. And they were showing up in key positions. And the male population that was totally used to being all-male had to learn to adjust."
Michael E. Harris

Introductory Profile: About Michael E. Harris

For my Firsthand History project, I interviewed my neighbor, Colonel Michael E. Harris. He served in the Air Force for thirty years as a electronic warfare officer on B-52 bombers and RC-135 recon aircraft. Col. Harris later became the head of the ROTC program at U.T. Austin. He is currently retired. While in the Air Force, he met and later married his wife Sandy. After they married, they had twins, and a few years after that, they had another two children.

Col. Harris is tall and lanky, with silvery hair and thin glasses. He is friendly and hard-working. He enjoys riding his bike, taking a run around the neighborhood, and keeping his beautiful garden in immaculate condition.

The main focus of the interview was the changing role of women in the military, specifically the Air Force. The interview had an overall positive feel to it. He helped me with some technical difficulties before the interview began. Before, during, and after the interview, Col. Harris made me feel comfortable and at ease.