Shweta Latawa

As Interviewed By Pari Latawa, March 2017
"I was heavily advise by my maternal family to go for simpler jobs, since it isn't easy to manage family, house and work. I was heavily advised not to take travelling or strenuous jobs since I was considered 'weaker'. "
Shweta Latawa

Introductory Profile: About Shweta Latawa

I interviewed my mother, Shweta Latawa, who works full-time as manager at NXP Semiconductors. She is the mother of two children, my 18 month sister, and me. She originally lived in North India with her family of four (2 brothers and mother) for most of her life but moved to America because of her job about 10 years ago. For her childhood, Shweta Latawa went to an all girls’ school named Sacred Heart Secondary School. She earned her Electronics engineering degree from Thapar University, Punjab India. She leads a tough managing the household, her job and her children. My mother is 5’2” with short black hair.

We covered a good amount of information about womens’ and girls’ rights in India. She spoke about how girls were more subject to gender inequality than boys and how poverty affected girls in India. She talked about her personal struggles and some of her role models during the time. She also gave brief insight on how to fix this problem for the future.

As I conducted this interview, Mrs.Latawa was very focused on her replies and answered each questions thoughtfully and confidently. Overall, the interview was conducted in a serious mood and there wasn’t much humor. Much of the information that I learned really taught me a lot about gender inequality and women's’ rights and how I should feel privileged to experience this freedom in my life and in turn focus my thoughts on how to help the women and girls in need of the same.