Goleen Samari

As Interviewed by Chloe L, March 5, 2017
"I think that in the Middle East, in particular, when there is crisis, gender is a big factor."
Goleen Samari

Introductory Profile: About Goleen Samari

I interviewed Goleen Samari, a family friend and former babysitter. Goleen is studying at UT and working to improve health care all over the world for everyone. She also speaks up for immigrants in the United States and judges ice skating competitions. Goleen gets to travel a lot for her job and has many stories to tell.

In this interview, we discussed everything from Goleen’s job to the places it has taken her. She works hard to solve problems in order to gain health care for men and women, poor and rich, young and old. Goleen also writes about equality for immigrants in the United States.

Goleen and I talked a lot about her job, but we also discussed her feelings as a woman trying to gain health care for other women. I wanted to show the inequalities that happen everyday in contexts we do not even think about.