Carole Keeton

As Interviewed by MJ Knoll
"And their bottom line was - I had been the president of the school board for goodness sakes, I integrated the schools- they said bottom line was this job is just too tough for a woman."
Carole Keeton

Introductory Profile: About Carole Keeton

Carole Keeton was the first woman president of the Austin School Board, first woman mayor of Austin (January 20, 1999 – January 20, 2007), the first woman to serve on the State Board of Insurance ( 1983-1986) the first woman elected and reelected Texas Railroad Commissioner ( 1997-1999) and she was the first woman to be elected Texas Comptroller . She was a television producer and host of a show called “The Rylander Report”.

Carole Keeton was born on September 13, 1939, the second child to W. Page Keeton, a dean at the University of Texas Law School and Madge Anna Stewart. She had four sons: Scott McClellan, the 24th White House Press Secretary; Mark McClellan, the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and Brad & Dudley McClellan, who are in the law practice. She has nine grandchildren, and two of them, Anna and Audrey McClellan, are friends of mine. Carole Keeton was born on September 13, 1939.

My original interview was only ninety minutes long because we had so much to talk about, She talked about women’s rights and her experience in office. I had a really good time interviewing her because she had so many stories to tell. Carole Keeton was amazing in office and is a really good role model.