Erin Martinson

As Interviewed by Gavin Andrew, March 18, 2017
"The most important tool I have is my voice."
Erin Martinson

Introductory Profile: About Erin Martinson

I met Erin Martinson through a friend of mine. She is the Managing Attorney of the Crime Victims Program at Texas Legal Services Center, and works for clients of all types. The clients mainly include battered and abused women. She is a kind, cooperative person who works very well to help anybody who is a victim of domestic abuse. Her passion for her work is infectious and inspiring, and it comes through loudly in the way she describes what she does.

The topics covered include Erin’s experiences of working throughout a 15+ year career. It includes her ideas for fixing the huge issue of abuse, and explaining the entirety of the issue. We explore the reason behind her passion for this line of work, and how she has harnessed that passion into action, into a life of helping people through domestic abuse. Our conversation was sometimes light and sometimes very heavy due to the nature of Erin’s work, but it was always informative and charged with emotion.

Being able to spend an afternoon with Erin was a formative event for me. Gaining a deeper understanding of this issue, and seeing firsthand that one person can make such a positive impact was greatly inspiring. I am happy for the experience.