Rebecca S.

As Interviewed By Avantika Tikoo, March 15, 2017
"I had encountered several men throughout my career who were supportive of women in the workforce, just not necessarily executive positions like me;there were subtle ways of indicating that women shouldn’t be working."
Rebecca S.

Introductory Profile: About Rebecca S.

My interviewee’s name is Rebecca S., a close friend of my mom that I first met when we moved to our new neighborhood my 6th grade year. Her homegrown vegetables and amazing cooking also instantly attracted us, and I remember her even baking us some of her famous chocolate- chip-pecan cookies. Since then, she has became a close family friend. I chose to interview Rebecca because of the wonderful opportunities she had growing up, and the stereotypes she broke as a woman in the 20th century.

Rebecca is retired and living with her husband and energetic dog. She loves to cook, bake, and garden. She grew up in Ohio, and was the first of her family to go to college. Getting an undergrad degree, and eventually a graduates in marketing gave her a greater variety of job options, considering she was in a world filled with men. She was forced to find a job during the 1980’s recession, making it exceptionally difficult to even find a job. Her first job as a marketer was being an assistant to a company’s president. Eventually she climbed her way up the many companies she worked for, and eventually ended up working as a vice president for the president of a marketing company. Many of the jobs she worked included 9:00 to 5:00 hours and office cubicles. Her experiences working in buildings filled with men all said a lot about women’s rights and their perspectives living in a world of gender discrimination, and having to fight for what you want.

In the interview, Rebecca reminisces on her experiences as a woman and the ups and downs of working executive positions in marketing. She also talks about dealing with men, and their opinions and views on women in the workforce. She was, and is a strong and intelligent woman who broke the standards of women and proved herself to be perserverant and independent.