Charlotte Decker, Margaret Connell

As interviewed by Olivia Alejandre, March 26, 2017
"I went out there and said, 'If you don’t take them, then I’m leaving!'"
Charlotte Decker, Margaret Connell

Introductory Profile: About Charlotte Decker

Charlotte Decker was a lively and strong activist. She fought for Black rights in the mid-1950s. Charlotte Decker is my great-aunt, she is in her mid-80s. Now she lives in Rhode Island. Before she lived in Ann Arbor Michigan where she got a few black women to be able to join the Women's Golf Team for the YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association).

She talks about her experience and stories of other’s racism shown in her life. During the interview Mrs. Decker's daughter Margaret is on the phone to to help with answering the questions because Mrs. Decker has Alzheimer's.