Asmita Savalia

As interviewed by Jay R., March, 12, 2017
"It was very exciting to be a part of something where you were with other like-minded people."
Asmita Savalia

Introductory Profile: About Asmita Savalia

I interviewed Asmita Savalia about her experiences during the Women’s March. My interviewee was my mother and she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas and works at CenturyLink in telecom. Asmita works from home so she normally has time to do things to help the community. She is really nice and open to talking about what she believes in.

I talked to her about the time when she went to the Women’s March and what her views are on women’s rights. She was happy to talk about this information and the mood varied throughout the conversation. There was a happy mood when she talked about the Women’s March but a sad one when she talked about President Trump’s inauguration. I had a good time speaking with Asmita and I am happy with how the interview turned out.