Gaby O'Connor

As Interviewed by Jack Lewis, March 2017
"You have to prove to them that you can do it, and it's really tiring."
Gaby O'Connor

Introductory Profile: About Gaby O'Connor

In attending Texas State University to finish her bachelor’s degree, my mom met Gaby O’Connor. At the time, Gaby was pursuing a double-major in French and German and a minor in International Studies. They became good friends with one another, and Gaby and her husband Tim come to visit us sometimes.

Prior to moving to San Marcos and pursuing French and German at Texas State, she had also gotten a double major in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering in her home country of Mexico. After graduating, she worked as an engineer in both Mexico and the United States and faced gender discrimination in both places.

In the interview, we spoke of how this discrimination manifested, what Gaby did about it, what other people did about it, and how much discrimination has changed over time, and between Mexico and the United States.