Karen Miller

As interviewed by Alice Beckett, March 7, 2017
"They’d been alone for a long while but they didn’t really feel completely free..."
Karen Miller

Introductory Profile: About Karen Miller

Karen Miller is the associate director for Texas Legal Services Center, which is the same company that my mom works for. She has worked at TLSC since 2010, and before that she worked in a self-help center for Travis County. I appreciated how welcoming and ready to talk she was. Ms. Miller was articulate and soft-spoken throughout the podcast.

During the interview, we covered what TLSC offers, how they help people, and why civil legal aid should get more funding. Her voice served to raise awareness about the importance of equal access to the courts for all people. She told a story of a woman going through a divorce, which is the highlight I centered my podcast around. Overall, the tone of the interview was calm and informative. I would like to thank Ms. Miller for the interview.