Kathy Bolstorff

Elliot Word, March 19, 2017
"It's pro quality of life."
Kathy Bolstorff

Introductory Profile: Kathy Bolstorff

Kathy Bolstorff, born June 28th, 1962 in Minnesota, was raised in the Lutheran church believing abortion was wrong, but as the years passed she learned that all of the things she grew up being taught were not really what she believed in, especially when it came to how the church viewed women. When she was older she began to fight for women's reproductive rights. She learned that there were a lot of people and companies supporting exactly the same causes she believed in. She fought to support Planned Parenthood, marched in women's marches, and went to the capital to support the leaders that would fight the same fights.

The interview started with me asking her exactly what women's reproductive rights covered, and then she got into specific details about how women’s reproductive rights affect our country. She didn’t respond with just yes or no answers to my questions but instead with short and sometimes longer opinions. The parts that I used for my podcast were the parts where she talked about pro-choice and anti-choice. I felt like her passion and interest were very obvious about these topics and I found my myself being very interested in what she had to say.