Dr. Neelima Paladugu

As Interviewed by Chatur Vallabhaneni, March 18-19, 2017
"It wasn't every girl that got encouraged to not be a housewife. I was the first woman from my village to leave the village and get a medical degree."
Dr. Neelima Paladugu

Introductory Profile: About Dr. Neelima Paladugu

Dr. Neelima Paladugu is my mother. She is a very patient and determined woman. She was born in 1978 in Pondicherry, India. Her father was a librarian and her mother was a housewife -- and both of them gave priority to girl’s education. She dresses casually (a shirt, jeans). She is a very caring and loving person who loves to help other people.

The topic she was interviewed for was the problem of women’s rights, and mostly their role in the medical profession. In this interview she reflects on the injustice of gender inequality and its place in her life. The tone throughout the interview was fairly serious considering the topic she was talking about. She always had wanted to become a doctor, and her parents supported her throughout the way. At the time, becoming a doctor was extremely rare for women, and it was her determination and her parent’s encouragement that has guided her throughout the way to becoming a cardiologist and a cardiac electrophysiologist. On her way to her M.D. and even after, she was an activist for women's’ rights and was haunted by the ghost of gender inequality. In this interview she reflects on the gender injustice in the medical field and throughout her life.

She was always determined to become a doctor to help people and her parents supported. During her time, not many people supported women’s education and expected women to become housewives. Luckily, she had very caring parents who supported her throughout the process. Neelima Paladugu is a very good doctor who has always wanted to help other people ever since her childhood.