Giovanna Marabini

As Interviewed by Chiara Alvisi, March 20, 2011
"I can tell you for sure that the war took away my childhood."
Giovanna Marabini

Introductory Profile: About Giovanna Marabini

Giovanna Marabini lived as a young teenager in Italy during World War Two. She watched her city being bombed and had to hide in the countryside for three years. Her family would get information about the war by listening to enemy radio stations in secret. She had to quit going to school and had to try to continue learning by herself.

Giovanna Marabini is an elderly woman with light, fluffy, white hair and a sweet face. Though tall, she sits upright, which makes her seem even taller than she is. She has bright brown eyes and speaks very openly. She has a nice calm voice that projects and speaks slowly and clearly.

Mrs. Marabini was born in Immola, Italy. When she was 10 years old, the Second World War broke out and lasted until she was 15. Later she got married and had two children. She now lives in Bologna, Italy.

The interview was very open and it seemed like Mrs. Marabini was calm. Even though she was talking about a very sad and hard subject for her, she would often add in good memories that would make her laugh and lighten up the sadness of most of the stories.

The war was very hard on Mrs. Marabini. In fact, she doesn’t have any good memories of the war, but she still talks about her experience with the war calmly.