Kayla Marquez

Anna Schlett, March 15, 2017
"Despite everything, you gotta keep going."
Kayla Marquez

Introductory Profile: About Kayla Marquez

I interviewed Kayla Marquez, a 22 year-old student at St. Edward's University, here in Austin. She is currently getting her degree in Global Studies with a focus on the Middle East and Conflict Resolution. She spent about five months in Jordan in the Fall of 2015 with hopes to experience different culture.

After graduating, she is going to Morocco with the Peace Corps to teach children English and help build a better society. While in Morocco she hopes to change people’s negative mindsets about Americans and show that we’re not all bad. She is eager to travel there and help the less fortunate.

It was very interesting to talk to Kayla and learn how different other countries are, which doesn’t make them any worse than us. It also opened my eyes to problems that I had never thought about before. It was really inspiring how passionate she was about solving these problems and it made me want to do something like what she’s doing one day.