Diann Mitchell

As Interviewed by M. Bisang, March 19, 2017
"The President of the company said to all of us he said you know Diann we’ll have to pay him more because he is a man. "
Diann Mitchell

Introductory Profile: About Diann Mitchell

I interviewed a woman named Diann Mitchell. Diann is my grandmother as well as an entrepreneur. Diann was born in the 1950s and grew up in McKinney, Texas. Diann is a very open person. She has strong opinions, but she knows when and how to express them. She is very persistent about what she wants and will work hard to achieve her goals.

She grew up in a time when women did not have many options in joining the workforce. Instead they usually became housewives, school teachers, or nurses. When she went to college at SMU, there were only four women in the business program. So she became a teacher but realized that teaching was not for her. Diann married my grandfather, Don, who started his own company called DM packaging. Later, he got sick and my grandmother started a new company based on DM Packaging, but as a woman-owned company.

One main thing that she brought up was how women were treated in the business world, as well as her experiences. Women were usually paid less than men just because of their sex. In the interview, Diann told me a story that really showed how bad sexism was. This helped me learn what happened from someone experiencing it themselves.