Henry Zeybel

As Interviewed by Ben Brown, March 20, 2011
"So I was pretty much in favor of prosecuting war against our enemies as the president saw it. So I was brain washed to follow the leader."
Henry Zeybel

Introductory Profile: About Henry Zeybel

Henry Zeybel is a Vietnam War veteran. We discussed his views before, during, and after the war. We also discussed his different jobs during the war. We discussed his personal life to some extent, and we also talked about how the war affected his life, and how it changed him as a person.

Henry Zeybel is a fairly small person. He is in great shape. He is very strong, he has white grey hair, and he moves around great for being 77 years old. Henry is always happy, and he has a great sense of humor. He loves life and always makes you laugh, but he can also be serious. He is a very smart man with a great intellect.

Henry was born in 1934. He graduated from Penn State in 1955, then enlisted in the Air Force, where he worked and prepared for war for years. He had four stints in Vietnam. The first stint, he was a trash hauler. The second stint, he worked on Specter Gunships. The third stint, he worked a special mission. The fourth mission, he was a troubleshooter for a General. He retired in 1974 and became a freelance writer.

Hank is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He has it all; he is nice, funny, and can be very serious. He is very polite and conducts himself in a kindly manner. I enjoyed listening to him talk about the Vietnam War and the stories he endured.