A. B. S.

As Interviewed by Vivian S., March 18, 2017
"All feminists worked really hard to make sure that we have rights, and we can protect our own bodies, and now that's starting to be stripped away."
A. B. S.

Introductory Profile: About A. B. S.

My interviewee and mother -- A. B. S. -- was a fantastic and informative interviewee. She is 43 years old, and lives in Austin.

A. B. S. was born and raised in Huntington, New York, and was an art dealer for numerous galleries before having kids. She went to college at Smith University in Massachusetts, an all0women college. A. B. S. is a very intelligent and kind person, who was willing to discuss her experiences in depth. She seemed very enthusiastic to answer the questions, as well as engage in the topics of gender discrimination, women's rights, and many other topics relating to the two. While the interview was taking place, she brought light to many valuable points relating to the topics.