Marie Evans

As Interviewed by Jillian Evans-Strong, March 17, 2017
"Some of the children I will remember today, and that was like fifty-something years ago."
Marie Evans

Introductory Profile: About Marie Evans

The person I interviewed was my grandmother, Marie Evans. She was born in Leicester, England, and grew up during WWII. While getting her teaching degree at Cambridge University, Evans decided to go to America and live in New York. She soon got married and moved to Oklahoma with her husband, where she lived for the majority of her life, before moving to Oberlin, Ohio in recent years. She is a very charming woman, with a ‘vibrant’ vocabulary. Evans has dark hair, blue eyes, and a mild British accent.

We spoke about child welfare, more specifically the welfare of young rape victims. This is a topic that both of us are very passionate about, and it was amazing to speak to someone who had worked so closely with girls who had come from those situations. If I could speak to Evans more about this, I would do it without hesitation.