Coni Stogner

As Interviewed by Connor Stogner, March 20, 2017
"There's a common misconception that domestic violence in particular, or sexual assault, are women's issues in that it's women would work to end this -- and that's so not gonna be how we can end these types of crimes and these types of abuse."
Coni Stogner

Introductory Profile: About Coni Stogner

I interviewed Coni stogner, my mother, about domestic violence and how it ties in with social justice. She is currently the vice president at SAFE which stands for Stop Abuse For Everyone. She is a very kind, optimistic, and generous person who always thinks of others and how she can help.

In this interview Coni first gave a brief explanation of what domestic violence is. She then stated what SAFE does and what she does at safe. Coni ended the interview by stating what can be done to raise awareness and how much of a serious issue violence can be.