Aurora Flores-Wolsky

As Interviewed by Nathan Elias, March 8, 2018
"Did she think I didn’t know what was going on and had a good opinion because of what I looked like?"
Aurora Flores-Wolsky

Introductory Profile: About Aurora Flores-Wolsky

I interviewed my Spanish teacher, Aurora Flores-Wolsky, about the topic of Civil Rights and Social Justice. I was able to meet Aurora Flores-Wolsky because I took Spanish IA in 7th grade, and was fortunate enough to have her as my Spanish teacher. Aurora Flores-Wolsky is a teacher at Kealing Middle School, who is one of the most dedicated and hardworking teachers that teaches Spanish and valuable life lessons.

Aurora Flores-Wolsky graduated from both Harvard and Stanford, and attended a private school called Phillips Academy during High School. She is from East LA, California, and is of Mexican Heritage. Aurora Flores-Wolsky is a middle-aged woman with brown hair, glasses, and brown eyes. She is also averagely tall, always wears earrings, and is dressed for the occasion. Aurora Flores-Wolsky is someone who always wears a sweet smile, and always makes you feel comforted around her.

During the interview, which was held in her classroom, we covered topics of how Aurora Flores-Wolsky has been treated based on who she is and her heritage. We mainly focused, however, on how people would judge her based on first looks, and how she stood up to them. She also mentioned how people, especially her teachers, would help her to overcome the obstacles thrown towards her, and how that affected her as a person. The overall tone of the interview was serious and informative, but some parts were surprising and funny. I am very thankful to my Spanish teacher for the opportunity she gave to me to interview her, and thoroughly enjoyed talking to her.