Elizabeth Morphis

As Interviewed by Jasalyn Franco, March 24, 2018
"I think segregation in schools today is not necessarily racially based, I think it's socioeconomic. I think that it's about money and the people who have access to schools with the materials that are necessary for receiving a good education..."
Elizabeth Morphis

Introductory Profile: About Elizabeth Morphis

Elizabeth Morphis is a seventh grade Texas History teacher at Kealing Middle School. She is white in race, has brown eyes and hair, likes to dress casual on most days, has no kids, and is Jewish. She is happily married with her husband and has one dog.

I met Mrs. Morphis on my last period on the second day of school because i was in her B8 Texas History class. From that first period, I could tell she had a very humorful and caring personality. Mrs. Morphis is very understanding with her students and is more relaxing on the students than other teachers because she understands that they need a break sometimes. She likes to have her classes think of themselves, and call themselves, a family so they can feel united. Another thing she does with her students is makes them feel comfortable, welcomed, and tells things the way they are. The feeling of this interview was very calm, relaxing, and comfortable.

The topic Mrs. Morphis was interviewed on was segregation in schools today. She had experienced this with the first school she taught in Denver, Colorado. She saw this in the students and noticed this when she did home checks (she worked at a charter school). During the interview she did express her feelings, what she thought could fix the problem, her experiences, and what some things were that she thought caused this problem. She also stated what in her opinion segregation in schools meant.