Susanna Busico

As Interviewed by Miles Metzger, 3/13/18
"It made me realize that all along these schools in the south say they were separate but equal. They were not equal. Those kids were not learning what everyone else was learning. It was very discouraging, but I felt optimistic that now they were learning."
Susanna Busico

Introductory Profile: About Susanna Busico

My grandma Susanna was 22 years old during her first year of teaching ninth English in Valdosta Georgia. It was the second year of integration at the old high school but the classes were still very much segregated. She had three classes of white kids and two classes of black kids. It wasn't until after the first week when she realized that the students in her black classes didn’t know how to read.

She went searching for books at many different places but couldn’t find any on the right reading level. My grandma teamed up with the other English teachers and raised enough money to buy books on the second and third grade reading level. Soon enough they were reading paragraphs and answering questions excited to learn each day.