Marjo Rogers

As Interviewed by Kepler Huntress, April 6, 2018
"She one time, she scared me half to death and started chasing me"
Marjo Rogers

Introductory Profile: About Marjo Rodgers

Marjo Rodgers, my grandmother, was born in Corpus Christi in 1941 and moved to Sunshine Ranch in San Antonio at a young age. She has lived in San Antonio from that young age to now, in Alamo Heights, a peaceful Neighborhood in the city that she’s lived her life in. I know her as my goofy, always laughing and silly grandma, who always finds a joke in anything that comes up.

In the interview, it was just a straightforward tone throughout, her keeping serious for the interview, as if it was with an adult and not a 12-year-old boy. We went over the topics of how she got to school in elementary school, what her morning routine was like during those days and her relationship with the horse that brought her to school.

Overall, the Interview was successful in the way that many topics were covered without getting to off task at the time. I am happy with how it went, and I’m sure she is as well.