Pari Kalari

As Interviewed by R.K., March 11, 2018
"Only by doing child labor or begging on the streets, would they be able to live on a daily basis, get some food on their plate."
Pari Kalari

Introductory Profile: About Pari Kalari

I interviewed my dad, Pari Kalari, who lived in India until he came to America in order to pursue his graduate studies in electrical engineering. Since he grew up in India, English is not his first language. He currently runs a business in Austin, Texas, which is an afterschool learning center for kids who want to excel in topics such as English, Math, and Abacus. He is a very passionate and dedicated leader who enjoys being around kids and helping out others. His favorite part about running a learning center for kids is to see how they improve over time. With his curly hair, 6-foot body, and an awaiting smile, Pari's face is one you’ll never forget!

Growing up in India, Pari saw many things including children who have to beg on the streets for a living. We talked about how seeing these kids every day really affected him personally and emotionally. The interview took place in our house and it was mainly casual talk, but it was a very serious topic and his stories were heartbreaking. The main message was the fact that these kids who were poor, couldn’t get an education like other kids, who on the other hand, would misuse the things that they had. Nowadays, many kids and even adults take things for granted as simple as electronics, while other people across the world struggle for their everyday needs.

It was a great experience interviewing Mr. Kalari, and I learned a lot about poverty in India. It was certainly an intriguing interview that gave me a whole different view of what else is happening around the world. Overall, I had a great time interviewing Pari and listening to all his stories firsthand.