Howard Pollack

As Interviewed by Sydney Simmons, March 21, 2018
"We were working hard, we were essentially winning, and we were winning something I thought was worth winning. "
Howard Pollack

Introductory Profile: About Howard Pollack

For Civil Rights and Education, I interviewed Howard Pollack. He is my grandfather. He lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his wife, Carole Pollack. Howard is a retired lawyer. He is very generous, kind, smart, and patient.

In the 1970s, Howard Pollack worked hard as an attorney to achieve desegregation in Milwaukee school systems. At the time, he was just three years out of law school. Being a new auturney, he worked hard to be better. Before becoming involved, he was mostly working on business cases.

While interviewing him, Howard Pollack informed facts about the time as well as his own personal experience. He learned a lot from this case, and it taught him how to be a better lawyer.